Our Services

We provide national representation, allowing us to provide expertise exactly where you want to study, live and work in Australia. Our extensive experience in the Australian education and migration sector is our main head shoot that let us know exactly where to look for the best talent.

Our Specialty

  • 457, ENS & RSMS
  • Student visas
  • Family Migration
  • Entertainment visas
  • Short Term work visas
  • Business Visas
  • MRT and RRT appeals & many more

Further, we aim to provide reliable and high quality consulting to overseas students aiming to pursue their higher studies in Australian education institutions.

Listed below are the various kinds of services that we offer to international students.

  1. Comprehensive student counseling service in selection of suitable courses and the appropriate University depending on their academic records.
  2. Guidance and information about the various faculties and educational institutes of Australia.
  3. Communication and connection with the top most Universities in Australia for applying and securing admission on behalf of the students. We access your qualification interest and aptitude and suggest you the best course and institute around.
  4. Provide assistance in acquiring an offer letter and confirmaion of enrolment (COE) from numerous Stream Lined Visa Processing (SVP) and non SVP educational institutions.
  5. All travel related services including reservation of an airline seat, issuance of the visa, issuance of the air ticket, foreign exchange, medical insurance.